Port Orleans Riverside to Disney Springs by Boat

Where is the boat dock in Disney Springs in relationship to the Paddlefish Restaurant? We plan to take a boat from Port Orleans Riverside to Disney Springs but do not know how far it is from the dock to the restaurant. I’m not sure if this is the right forum to post this question.

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I am tagging @OBNurseNH who I know was on that boat last nighr - guessing she might be able to help you out!

The boat from POR to DS is really great!

And you are always welcome to ask questions here on the forum!

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You want to go to the Marketplace dick which is on the end by Goofy’s Candy Shop and on the bridge on the way to SSR

Thank you both!



Anybow, yes. There used to be two docks in use. But now there is only one dock used for all boats…including OKW, SSR (Treehouse/Springs area), POFQ, and POR.

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Oops. DOCK

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