Port Orleans Riverside Standard view

We are booked for POR, 2 Queen beds, standard view. Any suggestions on a best room in this category? We have 2 rooms booked.

Check out portorleans.org. Did you book Alligator Bayou or Magnolia Bend?

I would look for location, not view. In POR the walkways go past your windows. Most people keep their drapes pulled shut when they are in the room, never seeing any view.

What is important to you? Quiet? - Top floor. Stroller/ECV? - Bottom floor. Magnolia Bend has elevators, Alligator Bayou does not. If you have kids who might like separate beds, you can request Alligator Bayou for the murphy bed.

We always request a top floor corner because we like the quiet. I let them surprise me between Alligator Bayou and Magnolia Bend, but I personally prefer the theme in AB!

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We stayed in a standard view room at POR last month. I requested a corner room on the first floor and we got it. It was room 8587. We liked it because it looked out over a grassy area even though it was a standard view room. It was an easy walk to the lobby and pool and it was quiet.

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Thanks. I’ll check that one out. We were in 85 in 2016 and loved the location. We had a garden view,but it was really a view of the back of the stairs. First trip, so I didn’t realize to ask for a different room.

Walking distance-bus and food. 85 was a good building last time, Will probably try for that.

We just stayed in building 85 also, second floor by the stairs #8786. We had requested that general area.

It did have a nice view and the location was great, close to the bridge to the main pool and beyond to the food court.
With no real place to sit outside your room and relax, the view wasn’t as important.

After staying there, I wouldn’t worry about view at all.
Just get the building you want.

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It wasn’t the exact room I requested on my TP fax but it was just a few doors down. We liked it. I really liked it being a corner room.


I had this exact question and had so far flagged 8587. We really are looking for the shortest walk to pool and restaurant so any advice is welcome. We are 2 adults and 1 child so keeping fingers crossed they upgrade us to a king with Murphu :slight_smile: