Port Orleans Riverside Royal Pool Room

We have a Royal Pool Room reserved. We have requested a corner room. Has anyone stayed in a Royal Pool view they loved any why?

I never, ever pay for a view at POR. The walkways are external walkways. That means that while I am in the room I usually have my blinds closed. I never can see the view!

We stayed in River room and I loved it :slight_smile: I was traveling with just my kids and wanted something close to the main lobby and they told me that Parterre Place is actually closer, (even though in the map it looks further away :slight_smile: We got very close to the front and it made it easy for bus stops and to go to the lobby or restaurant for anything. :slight_smile:

Are any of the third floor Royal pool rooms actually corner rooms?

I’m not sure :slight_smile: We were on the lower level? Have you looked on touring plans at the room?

At Parterre Place?

Parterre Place has one room that is pool view. It is on the second floor and is a corner room. Not sure how great the view is. From the looks of the pic from the room it is not that great. I had looked at this room if we went back so we didn’t have to pay River view costs.

It appear that the distances are further from Parterre Place. Why is it that you guys prefer this building? I see the one that you are referring to mrslisadawn. Also, do you guys know if they ever upgrade to a river view? Would making a specific request keep you from being considered for an upgrade? Thanks so much for all your help!!!

Are you looking at the map at www.portorleans.org? Do you see the bridge in relations to the buildings? The shapes of the buildings mean that more rooms are closer to the bridge than Oak Manor. (although Oak Manor is lovely too). You walk over the bridge to the front of the buildings for buses, you can go through the back for food.

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Thank you! That helps!

That is what I thought until we got there. In our river room we walked out the door and not 25 feet later we were at the bridge.

Not sure about upgrades :wink:

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Thank you guys so much! I have completed the request and we will see what they do with it. It certainly would be amazing to get it since it is truly requesting a specific room.I will try to remember to report back.

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Dear wendy, are you already been there?
I had make a reservation of the royal guest room, pool view. My knee is not good, what’s your suggestions for on-line check in and room request fax?