Port Orleans Riverside Royal Court Rooms

Staying at POR Royal Court garden view room in May, 2019.
This may seem trivial but I want to know from those that have recently stayed in a Royal Court room at POR. The professional photos show fancy gold bolster pillows and printed coverlets at the foot of the bed but other( I assume more recent) pics show NO bolsters or coverlets making for a less royal appearance. Have these items disappeared from all Royal court rooms?

I just stayed there in January and just looked at my room photos. They definitely weren’t there. It was my first time in a royal room so I didn’t even know about those things.

I stayed in the Royal Rooms multiple times when they first opened. At that time Disney had comforters on ever bed. The material was not soft, and there were many stories about the cleanliness of them. Over the years I believe that most rooms have gone to a simpler bed covering so that it can be stripped and cleaned regularly ?

I do a lot of research on where I stay, and so I noticed that the coverlets at the foot were missing (along with the pretty bolster pillow) in more recent pics. Too bad!

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Makes sense because the white bed assemble looks crisp and clean. I guess the golden bolster windows and coverlets got worn and Disney didn’t want to pay to replace them. :frowning:

This says the change happened in April 2017


How do I view your photos? New to this forum.