Port Orleans Riverside or French Quarter?

We are just starting to plan a trip for August. Any opinions on which resort to choose?


Forgot to mention…we stayed at Riverside once. Loved it, but didn’t have the best experiences with the bus. Would FQ be better?

(And we are not picky…stayed at Old Key West and CBR and found the busses to be much better).


French Quarter is compact and easy to get around and is a walk or bus ride away from Riverside.

I would much prefer FQ; it’s smaller and I like the theming better.

I loved POR. We had no issues with the buses. Make sure you put in a room request through tp and you should be fine.

I love POR but the buses would be easier at FQ.

Pofq is smaller and has only one bus stop. Somerimes shares with por but would be the first stop.

Any trip can have issues with the busses just because you had a bad time once the next time might be fine.

But myself i like pofq over por.

Any advice as to good rooms? I’ve stayed POR twice before and taken whatever room (only request was 2nd floor) and been fine. Where do you request?

Happy New Year to all!

Thanks for your input. My in-laws may come with us, so I would like them to be as comfortable as possible. I did love POR. Just not sure if we should try something smaller.

I’m glad to see all the POFQ responses. We were looking to stay at POR but changed dates and it wasn’t available in the standard room for our new dates, so we chose POFQ. I do like the idea that it’s smaller, yet I can still go to POR for the amenities. AND I get beignets whenever I want…can’t beat THAT idea :stuck_out_tongue:

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Building 4 was awesome! Close to everything.


That’s the one I requested. Hopefully I actually get it. I am also requesting it 6 mos in advance, so that could be a good thing or a bad thing. I may have to try again closer to the date.

Unfortunately requesting a room in advance does not help you. They don’t assign rooms until 3-5 days before you stay. But we have had good luck with requests at POR and POFQ!

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If you use the touring plans fax service they will automatically send your request five days before your trip.

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Yeah, I used the fax on touring plans. But I sent it the other day when our reservations aren’t until June. So I assume I will have to send it again when we are a few days out? — I just don’t want them to make a reservation and then get annoyed that I’m asking again, if they already got it once.

Did you set it up on the touring plans website? If you did it should still be there?

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I set it up. So does it automatically send before my trip or do I need to go in and send it?
I thought it had already sent it. LOL!

Assuming you included all the info needed (Reservation #) it will automatically send 3-5 days prior to your trip. You will get a notice telling you it sent, or if there’s a problem when the time comes. But it’s an automatic thing that happens in that 3-5 days span and not something that happens when you enter the data.

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Wow! That’s pretty awesome that it does it automatically!

Stayed at both. Liked POR but LOVE POFQ and have stayed there more than any other resort at Disney World. The size of the resort is perfect. You are close to transportation, food court, gift shop, lobby, and swimming pool.