Port Orleans Riverside Busses

For anyone who has recently stayed there is the bus pick up order still the West depot, then North, East & South (by lobby) last? And West also gets dropped off first? Trying to decide where to request a room and thinking Building 25 or 34 would be best if West depot is still first bus stop? Thanks.

Yes, you have the order right for both pick up and drop off. I would suggest building 34. I’ve stayed in 24 and 34 and liked 34 a bit more because it’s a wee bit closer to the west bus stop and a straighter route from the main building too.

My last stay at Riverside was a year ago, but, at park close it was not uncommon for them to stop at south first, then west. Otherwise, yes, always West first.

It hasn’t been updated as changing but I always check this before my trip:


34 has also been refurbished while the 20’s have not.

Thanks everyone