POR vs. rent DVC?

Hi all, back here with a new trip plan in the works for the last week of October 2017. It will be me (35), my DD (7) and my mom DGM (73). This will be our 2nd girls trip.
I am trying to decide between an Alligator Bayou room at POR (we all prefer our own beds) or renting DVC for a studio that sleeps 5.
Last time we did a split stay BLT (rented pts) and POR which we loved.
We did not love BLT, besides the location of course.
Any thoughts for me are appreciated!

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We’ve rented points for the last 5 or 6 trips. I agree (and others will disagree!) that I didn’t love BLT. If we just went to MK, it would be awesome. Compared to the other DVC resorts, BLT studio was teeny tiny.

Check out Boardwalk or Beach Club for availability. Have to say, I preferred AKL over BLT for several reasons. So that’s a good option too.

Big fan of both POR and BLT, but if you don’t like BLT then POR is the call.

Sorry, maybe my first post was confusing.
I am trying to decide between renting points for a DVC that sleeps 5 or stick with POR Aligator Bayou room.
I think the DVC that sleep 5 in a studio are- Poly, Beach Club, Boardwalk, GF, WL.
So I guess my true decision is between those, and I need to narrow it down.

I like POR just fine, but if renting points would be similar in price, I would rent points and stay deluxe. We are renting points for the first time in April at BCV. There are 3 sleeping surfaces now with the remodel, and my DS13 will sleep on the pull down bed. The pool and remodeled rooms look fantastic and we have dreamed of staying there for years. It is about $50 more a night renting points then it would be to stay at POR for same dates (POR has spring discount, but still spendy since it is spring break time). Go deluxe if you can!