POR vs POFQ? (Without a car!)

Wow, I’m here! Never thought I’d venture out of Lines Chat!
DH and DSs 3&5 and I staying 3 nights mid-November (13-16th, before I spend a week with DSs and my folks at VWL.) NO CAR. Probably 2 park half-days only. Looking for relaxing family time and fun pool time (quiet pools or themed all good for us). Love AoA but the theming too bold for DH. (What? I’m at 255 characters and I’m still allowed to keep typing? Awesome.)
Will the buses at PO drive us crazy at that slower time of year?? POR or POFQ??

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Welcome! I was pretty excited with the lifted character count as well. I may be in the minority but I preferred POR. Now, we had a car which helped because we were super far away from the pool and the main building, so I would likely do preferred if we had to do it again. I liked the food court and the overall feel of the resort better. While POFQ was smaller, I thought the food court was lacking and it just didn’t feel as special to me. Also we could hear the room above us… everything. I think the pools were about even for me (it’s been a few years) and I can’t speak to the buses. And honestly, I’m probably not the best on because I prefer CBR :smile:

I have done both, and POFQ most recently. I would suggest POFQ, if separate busses are operating POFQ has only one stop, if both resorts are using a bus I think POFQ is first. It was about a 10-20 minutes walk to the opposite resort, so if you wanted a different food court or to experience either main pool it is not bad. Also if the line to go back to your resort is large, maybe the other resort line is better and you would be willing to walk back to room (Don’t hit me, I know how tiring it can be after a day at the parks, especially after a break in the bus)

But I honestly do not think you would go wrong with either choice. (POFQ still gets my vote) But maybe pick whichever is cheaper.

We stayed in Royal Room in Oak Manor building at POR. Btw I have 2 anti-princess boys 5&8 that thought the RR was cool…anyway, I loved this location b/c we were so close to everything at POR (food, buses, main pool) but still close enough to use POFQ pool and dining. We also took whichever bus came first–POFQ or POR. It was a very central location to both resorts

I did it! Just booked POFQ Garden View at $138/night (holy cow!) with Orbitz. We may end up cancelling if DH can’t get the time, but very hopeful! Thanks so much for the help! The boys are so little that without a car I want the convenience of FQ sizing. Will do POR when they’re bigger (I hope!)


Great choice. You’ll love how compact it is!

Welcome over to forums @mossmacl! Great to see you here! I think you’ll be very happy with your choice! Such a lovely resort! Hope it all works out for you! :slight_smile:

We have stayed at POR and love the resort. We are different than most in that we prefer the AB section. My first stay at POFQ starts in a week. I am very excited to see the resort up close and in detail.

Excellent choice! If bus concerns are your biggest concern, then POFQ is your best bet. You’ll love the compact size!

Make sure you get over to POR one night (Wed-Sat) and see YeeHa Bob!

Keep in mind that the food court and pools at POR are only a 10-ish minute walk away… and a pretty walk along the river at that! Pool hopping is allowed between the two PO resorts. We are staying at POFQ on our upcoming trip because of the convenience of the small size, but we LOVED POR in 2012.

I have stayed at both: POR on my honeymoon and POFQ twice with my kids. The first trip was in 2012, when they were 6 and 4 and most recently this March, at 8 and 6. We picked POFQ the first time because it was smaller and we felt the pool area was better suited for our young kids. We also loved the fact that there is only one bus stop. We loved the resort so much that we stayed a second time! We stayed in Building 4 both times, so we were just a few steps from the bus stop, the food court and the pool. We love everything about this resort! The food court was wonderful and if you do stay there, you have to try the pot roast. It is AMAZING! We flew the first time and used ME, but drove this second time because airfare had increased so much. The bus transportation was good even during Spring Break with crowd levels at a 9 and 10 the week we were there. We only used our car once to go to the Yacht Club for dinner and Illuminations afterwards. I love both PO resorts , but you can’t beat POFQ with small kids. The lobby greeter is wonderful and gives them coins and beads. My kids loved him! I think the theme is more kid-friendly, too: lots of color, the sea monster slide, the alligator band. Be sure you take or rent a stroller, too. We rented a double stroller for the first trip and it was a lifesaver. The kids were happy and we were able to move quickly around the parks. I hope this helps you!