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Are ALL Alligator Bayou rooms 5th sleepers?

The 5th sleeper rooms are now a bookable category.

So I’m guessing the answer is no!

How does the fact AB 5th sleepers are bookable change things?

Well for example, you can book a Garden View room, which says you will have a view of landscaping, courtyard or Bayou. And you can book a Garden View 5th sleeper which will also have a view of landscaping, courtyard or Bayou.

So clearly you can have a Bayou room that is not a 5th sleeper.


If you look on the reviews of that resort on the yourfirstvisit website he has extensive info on this type of thing.

Or this website:


This seems to be the guy’s raison d’etre in life; he runs this website and is the moderator of the Port Orleans sub-forum over on the DIS.

There is a section that seems to say that all garden views will now be Magnolia Bend. Someone posted the other day that they knew they could not be in alligator bayou with that category of rooms. I couldn’t figure out where that came from but it is on that site.

Oh well looks like I was wrong. I saw this at the top of the room categories page:

“All of the rooms at the Port Orleans resort now feature either two Queen Size beds or one King Size bed, There are no longer any of the older double beds. Also all of the Alligator Bayou rooms contain a fold-down ‘Murphy’ style child-sized bed, located above the banquette bench seat, instead of the old trundle beds.”

Page is here:


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So I guess it’s safe to say that if you reserve a 5th Sleeper, you will be in AB since the other areas, Mansion and Acadian, don’t have the pull down sleeper.


There has been some recent chatter about not allowing anyone over the age of 10 to be the 5th person (so not allowing 5 “adults”)?

I am for that. The pull down is child-size in length and width.

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