POR room request

Hi everyone! I’m a little overwhelmed by the TP room request. We have a reservation for POR in 30 days (yeah!) Any suggestions for a room request? We have a standard room. Thanks!

I would start by identifying if you want Alligator Bayou or Magnolia Bend ?

Depends on your preference around 1st bus stop or near hospitality too. If first bus stop is a priority go for Alligator Bayou

Oh yeah! This may help portorleans.org great resource. We arrive 11th Aug - can’t wait!

Just in case you need it here is the link that @Stu007 mentioned.

AB rooms near the west bus stop! That is the first to be picked up, so you always get a seat. And its the first to be dropped off, so you can get off of the crowded bus asap!

We were there last month and loved AB. Being near the West Depot was awesome!