POR Preferred - pool view or corner room?

Our family of 4 is booked for a preferred AB room this coming July (Murphy bed will allow us to spread out a tad more).

Just curious if anybody has stayed in a pool view and/or a corner room in AB building 18? At first I thought we would want an upper level corner room with more windows, but after looking at some of the upper level pool views I am rethinking the corner room request.

Any insight is greatly appreciated - thanks!

I thought “Preferred” and “Pool View” were two separate types of bookable categories.

Looking at Disney’s descriptions, “Pool View” says “Views of courtyard pool” but “Preferred” says “views of landscaping, courtyard, garden or bayou”. So “Pool View” could be in the preferred section, but “Preferred” would not have a pool view.

Oh ok thank you - my understanding was booking in a preferred location meant you would simply be in either building 14, 15, 18, or 27.

I didn’t realize pool view rooms were still a separate booking/request.

I suppose it cannot hurt to still request a pool view room using TPs auto-fax request system.

Yes, those are the preferred buildings. But they also include King Rooms and Pool View Rooms (those two booking categories could be anywhere other than Royal Room buildings).

You can always request - but I’d be prepared to NOT have a pool view since it is considered a different category. You could get pixie dusted though.

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