POR paid for fifth sleeper

Rather than risk not getting one, as we are less than five. I’ve paid to secure a Murphy bed for our trip next May. Not happy about the extra but pleased that I don’t have to worry about randomly gettting one

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You paid? How does that work? Another option would just be to add extra pretend kids. They don’t cost extra!

POR have recently changed their room grades at WDW. A Murphy bed is now only definitely available if you have five people in the room. Otherwise you pay an extra cost like you do for a view or preferred, if you don’t the. You take lot luck on arrival so if you are a party of less than five then you pay more $13 a night I think in USA

To be honest, I am not comfortable with all this adding fake people to the booking. Plus the dining plan is attached to each person do that’s more dining credits unless you add under three year olds.

Maybe because people do the fake booking Disney are now cracking down, so at check in if you don’t have five people your room may well be reallocated I don’t know.


I agree with you. I have a family of 5 and we are more limited in affordable rooms at DW resorts. Booking fake people seems a little shady. I also think maybe they are doing this due to the number of requests for it from those with less than 5 in a room. Makes sense to me.


Hopefully they’ll start adding rooms that can take larger groups or like us people who don’t want to share beds


a while back we stayed a Pop Century. We didn’t lie about the number of people for two adjoining rooms but the number of beds were shy because the kids like girl and boy did not sleep together. What we did was buy cheap blowup single beds and they worked just fine. Just enough room for one single blow up bed in rooms.

Thought about that, but grandson has his heart set on the “ special” bed plus we are coming from the UK. I don’t want to be carrying a blow up or rushing out when we are there, we are solely onsite so no car. But the blowup is a good option If luggage allowance etc allows