POR or OKW for family of 5?

I have gotten a great price quote from MVT for a room at POR (standard room likely alligator bayou?) for our 2 night stay in December. We also will likely be able to book through DVC for a one bedroom villa at OKW for about $100+ more than POR. We will not be utilizing the kitchen there, so that is not a draw but the extra space for us would be welcomed. We were wanting to go to DS to try the Void so though not ideal location to parks we will be convenient to DS. We will only be going to parks for 2 days anyway with no mid day breaks. Also POR is even better price than our original booking at B resort! (When I factor in resort fee and transportation from airport). We will not have a rental car.
I have not seen either resort but we did stay at SSR on our last trip and liked it. Any thoughts for us? Thanks in advance!

The added space for $100 would be a great value to me. They are both in the same general location, boat to DS.

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POR/FQ is one of my favorite resorts - but if you’re not planning on spending much time at the resort, either will do.

We are a family of 5 who have stayed at both. The amount of extra space is definitely worth it for us at OKW. However, our 3 kids are teens, so need space. We were fine when they were young in POR. Also, tho you don’t plan to use kitchen much in OKW, it is nice to have space for food delivery for snacks, water, etc (we order from GardenGrocer). The room in POR gets crowded once you start bringing in extras - food, souvenirs, etc.

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We are DVC members and OKW is our home resort. I think you’ll appreciate the extra space there, which is considerable. And there’s a washer/dryer in the unit, which can be a great convenience! _

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Thank you for all of the input! In the end OKW was more cost than I had anticipated so we are staying at POR. I will definitely look at OKW when we go back for a ,I get trip once SWL opens.