POR /MVT bed question

I’m about to book a room through MVT for the very first time. We want to check out POR for the first time. We are choosing there over POFQ b/c of the pull out bed. My husband is 6’5, I’m 5’11 and the queens are tight as it is. Then add two wiggly kids and that pullout bed makes all the difference. The agent from MVT is saying that no way will WDW allow a family of 4 have a pull out bed. We’ve stayed at CR and Poly and we’ve done one night at CBR and have always had the pull out bed. Heck at CR it was only DD,DH and my self and we had it.
I thought most of the rooms at POR had them except the Royal rooms?

Before they updated the POR rooms, we stayed there three times…two of them were in Alligator Bayou with the (then) pull out trundle and once in the Mansions.

We prefer the extra bed option with our two kids, especially since the younger one seems to do karate in his sleep.

Yes! Karate legs are the worst and my DH gets restless legs when he walks a lot, aka every night at WDW!

I think the issue may be that recently POR added those rooms as a separate booking category? I noticed when I was comparing rack rate to my MVT rate.

I didn’t see it on wdw site but I just saw that on the portorleans.org Meh, changing things on me again like they did with Poly in the spring. Keeping me on my toes lol If i’m not going to get that extra bed and it’s not on the monorail I feel like might as well stay at one of the values like Pop

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I saw it for the first time checking President’s week.

Alligator bayou has some trundle beds and the mansions do not. It looks like this year the trundles beds are a separate category. However, when I put my family of 5 in, I can book just a regular standard room and do not need to book the category with the extra trundle bed. I was thinking that maybe they added the separate category for situations such as yours. From what I have read, there are people asking for trundle beds when there are 4 or less people in the room. For us as a family of 5, we cannot stay in the same room at the standard value resorts. The mods with trundle beds are our least expensive option. So this may be Disney’s way of sorting this all out.

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We have a room booked through MVT at POR for February 2019. The extra category for the 5th sleeper option will go into effect in 2019, didn’t see when your trip will be. So if you aren’t searching the Disney site for a trip in 2019 you shouldn’t see that option. If you have a room booked in 2018 there is will still be a request able room, which is obviously not guaranteed. We had this issue because the deals with MVT for 2019 are standard view only so I was worried since my initial booking was only for 2 adults and 1 child, but my mother in law and her husband are coming down for a few days of the trip and we needed to make sure they could stay with us. Ultimately, we had to book the entire trip for 4 adults and one child and that will guarantee us getting a room with a 5th sleeper. When I asked on here about this a few weeks ago, I was told that since the 5th sleeper rooms were so highly requested, Disney has figured out that they can charge a premium for them starting in 2019. Disney gonna get their money! lol