POR Fridge

We are staying at POR in October and I am trying to get an idea of how big the fridge in the room is? Would it be able to hold a gallon of milk or is that too big for the fridge? About how much stuff can i put in the fridge?

It’s a mini fridge. if I recall, there are shelves. not sure if they are removable, but it might fit a gallon of milk. or you may want to get a couple of the 1/2 gallons and store them sideways. It’s like the fridges used in dorm rooms. pretty small.

I think I stored a half gallon in the door. Be careful it is really easy to freeze the milk in the refrigerator by mistake!

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If you take out the shelf, I’m pretty sure you can store a gallon of milk. I think that’s what we did.

You may be able to lay it on its side, it is kind of cramped

They certainly aren’t the biggest of fridges…but you would do much better with 2 1/2 gallons I think :smile:

Use the 1/2 gallons. Also don’t turn it up too high because you don’t think it is cold enough. I learned that after a Pepsi can froze and busted.