POR Fax Line for Room Requests

Never done a room request before, but I have a POR room request coming up that is a little more complex than what the TP automated fax tool can handle.

Can anyone confirm that the proper fax number I should be using for POR is 1-407-934-5777? Is there anyone specific to whom I should address the fax - “Reservations”, “Front Desk”, “Room Assigner”, etc.?

That is the number I used in 2013. I addressed it to “Room Assignment Team”. We received a room fairly close to what I was asking for.

Remember, you can add custom text to a TP request - you can even delete the auto generated part. So it might still work for what you need.

Thanks. The issue is that we have two rooms and two reservations. So I would have to submit two separate room requests via TP and hope that whoever receives them reads closely enough to link them both together.

The folks at TP said I should just do it myself as the Fax Tool isn’t set up to handle multiple reservations at once yet.

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