Hey! Quick question about popcorn in the Worlds, given the new refillable option on the popcorn cups. Is the popcorn already salted or can we self-salt? My DDs love plain or cinema-sweet popcorn (not the caramel style), just not the salted. Thanks!

There are refillable popcorn cups!? This will be a game changer for my kids. May not need meals at all :slight_smile: Sorry I don’t have an answer for you.


It’s always been pre-salted that I’ve seen. Most places use a salted oil so that it’s already salted and butter flavored as it’s popped.

Cinema-sweet popcorn? Out of curiosity, are you from the UK? I have never seen that style of popcorn in the US.

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:grin: That’s what I’ve read today on some of the sites Refills aren’t free (natch!) but $1.50 a go until the end of the day.

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Thanks @Outer1 - looks like treats for just us grown-ups then! :sunglasses:

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@brklinck - busted! Cinema-sweet is made in the same way as salted but instead of salt in the oil, it’s sugar. It used to be the only sweet popcorn you could buy in the stores was the Butterkist/candied variety but now it’s available & that’s how the difference is marketed

I think that may be the equivalent of what we call Kettle Corn although I can’t confirm for sure because I hate sweet popcorn lol.