Popcorn Bucket yay or nay?

Trying to decide if this would be a good deal for our family or not. A few questions as I consider:

  • Do you think they hold a good amount of popcorn? We will be 2 adults and 2 kids of average appetite- would one bucket serving be enough for a satisfying snack for all?

  • Is the popcorn typical cart-stand quality (ie super salty and fake butter)? I love popcorn, but prefer it lightly salted.

  • Is there a way for me to know what buckets are available where? And how much they cost?

  • Are they all more or less the same size or are there design factors I should consider in terms of accessing the popcorn (I’m thinking weird shapes = hard-to-access corners), hauling the thing around (I’m thinking I’d lock it to the stroller if I get one), anything else I should consider?

We got one a couple weeks ago, so I’ll tell you what I know:

The bucket is a half gallon, with a lid and a removable handle. I unhooked one side of the handle and wrapped it around a stroller handle and reconnected it to keep it from getting lost. I never considered whether someone would steal it. It holds quite a bit of popcorn, more than I would want to eat all at once.

I didn’t eat that much of it, but I don’t remember it being overly salty.

I see people asking all the time on here and on chat asking what buckets are available, not sure if there is anywhere to look it up. We got a halloween theme bucket, just a standard bucket shape.

I think it was about $10 for a bucket of popcorn and maybe $1.75 per refill, vs $4.50 for just a standard popcorn (that is probably smaller).

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Always a yay if you’re popcorn intensive. On your third regular bucket it’s payed off. Plus it lasts the entire trip.

We usually go for 5-6 day tkts and my daughter and I eat about 3 buckets per day so it’s a no-brainer for us. And now we’re back home and she eats daddy’s popcorn on her new Disney bucket. :smile:

Same thing here. Plus it’s makes one of those things that distinguishes the stroller. :joy:

Can you tell me about the “butter”/salt content- is the taste mostly flavoring or the popcorn itself?

So, no one has had instances of attaching your bucket to the parker stroller and it’s disappeared when you’ve come back?

I think it’s cheap enough that people just buy their own. I wouldn’t want something others have had their hand in. Granted, I’ve seen squirrels remove packages of food from strollers in AK :stuck_out_tongue:

Popcorn bucket is a must for our family. We grab one and refill it every day. It’s just a good snack to have on hand during brief breaks between rides etc. A munch for the monorail etc.