Popcorn bucket Q

Talk to me about popcorn buckets. Is it the same bucket throughout the park or are there different variations per location? DH is a popcorn guy, and he loves stale popcorn so I thought about getting a bucket then refilling it on our way out, so he has a snack for the hotel later. I’d probably pick it up our first day, which is Epcot.

I think each park has it’s own design, but you can use them in all parkS. Ours definitely has an AK theme (and yes, we did bring it all the way home!).

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I know that there is a new Mickey and Minnie birthday bucket and I have seen special buckets but I don’t know where they are located. So I’m following to find that out also.

The most I’ve been able to find is here https://www.themouseforless.com/walt-disney-world/dining/refillable-popcorn-buckets/ but it doesn’t indicate which bucket is where right now. I did see that the HS one has Pixar characters, which I love, but I was hoping to find out the Epcot one so I didn’t buy an “OK” one then stumble across an “awesome” one later. Because what I don’t need is TWO popcorn buckets LOL. I guess we’ll just have to look around!

(In the grand scheme of things this is really minor. I just thought it was odd that Disney’s site itself is incredibly vague about the buckets, so I didn’t even know they existed until recently.)

I have seen character ones shaped like Goofy and the aliens from Toy Story and R2D2, but where they are I don’t know.

The Toy Story aliens ones are at Hollywood Studios ($25 instead of $10) - I wanted it so badly but we were already 3 days into our trip and had already bought the regular one.

We got a Toy Story one at Hollywood studios and also used it at Magic Kingdom, and it’s an incredible deal (although I didn’t realize until now they were different at the different parks!). And now that I’ve got it home, it’s the perfect size for a dozen cookies. :slight_smile: Universal has the same thing, although their bucket isn’t as nice.

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