Pop Warner

Not sure how I missed this, but just discovered that the Pop Warner and Cheer Competitions align with our trip. The CLs seems very reasonable, which is why we booked these dates. Anything we should be prepared for? I envision many roving bands of unsupervised tweens. ???

I will be there too during Pop Warner this year and I have been before during it. The crowds didn’t seem crazy. The kids are typically at the competitions during the day, but I do remember times when there were group of unsupervised tweens in the park. I think my husband is still scarred from a ride on ToT with a group of screaming cheerleaders.

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We hit the end of pop warner week last year. The crowds didn’t seem bad at all, we only occasionally encountered a group of tweens in the park.

We stayed at All Star Movies and it was very quiet, but our first night we walked over to All Star Music and the smaller pool was a madhouse. Seemed like a zillion tweens shouting and music playing, I think they were having some kind of jumping into the pool with cheers competition. We were grateful to hurry back to Movies. I think resort noise was just luck of the draw for us.

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Thank you both for your replies! I feel much better now. This explains why I couldn’t get a room at a value resort when I booked this trip. We have ended up at Disney Springs which I am excited to try, and sounds like it will be away from too much of the excitement.

Good choice. Even if there had been space at a value resort it may have been overrun with tweens. We enjoyed being able to walk to Disney Springs on a recent trip.

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