Pop Warner Week 2016 or week after Thanksgiving?

I need advice, trying to decide between the week after Thanksgiving this year (arriving Tuesday 11/29) or Sunday 12/4…which I can’t find anything official on it yet but that should be Pop Warner week…we’ve been during both. I did notice lots of large groups of cheering squads in the parks during pw week so I’m wondering if crowd-wise the week after Thanksgiving break (not the week OF Thanksgiving break) might be nicer…thoughts?

@haylekk… I’ve been told that 2016 Pop Warner week will be December 3 - 10 and as of now booking with CSR and ASSports. The resort info may change as the dates get closer. Keep in mind that teams, depending where they are from may arrive a day or two in advance and leave a day or two later.

Happy Planning!

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I love the week after Thanksgiving! I have not been during PW week, but the crowds are pretty good the week after Thanksgiving.

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I agree with @jlyn! We’ve taken our last three big family trips the 10 days after Thanksgiving and it’s a perfect time to go. Good weather, low crowds (except for the holiday weekend) and all the decorations are up!

We went the week before Thanksgiving last year and it was great (we timed it for our anniversary). Otherwise the last week of Nov or the first week of Dec would be my choice. I have a severe allergy to large groups of children, so personally I would avoid PW week like the plague…


Thank you! That is what I suspected :slight_smile:

Thank you! Just made our reservations for the week after Thanksgiving! Love that week there.

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Thank you! We just decided and made our reservations for the week after Thanksgiving! Love that week there.