Pop vs POFQ

If we go back next year (2020) it will be in mid March. Decided we aren’t going to do summer heat again and would like to try a different season. I know it will be crazy crowded due to spring break but a good tp can help with the crowds. On all of our previous trips we have stayed at Contemporary or POR. We love both resorts but would like to change it up a bit. We can save over $500 staying at Pop, but we’ve always wanted to try POFQ. Either way, a trip in March for the same amount of nights as the trip we just took to POR is going to be the same price or $500 more and that is with a lower dining plan-:flushed:. Prices have really gone up for next year! Any pros/cons for either Pop or POFQ? Just me and DH and DS11…

I can’t say for POFQ, but Pop will have the skyliners so that’s a definite bonus.

POFQ is a really lovely resort. We stayed there years ago but never shared a bus with POR (not sure if that is a possibility any more). I loved the bus service. The resort is compact for a moderate.

We’ve stayed at Pop 3 times. I like it very much with the refurbed rooms.

The POFQ pool has a slide. The pools at Pop are bigger (and more of them). Both have decent food courts. Way more people overall at Pop.

I think that is my deciding factor. If given the option, I prefer fewer people. I’ll vote for POFQ, the $500 upcharge is probably less than 100 per day (?).

Oh, and you’re not “saving” any money by staying at Pop! You’re just spending less. :wink:


We’ve stayed at POFQ a few times, and love its size and outdoor decor. We just did our first stay at Pop. The refurbed room was great! Not much experience with the food courts at either one - except POFQ has beignets! We definitely noticed more people at Pop, but that didn’t bother us. The one thing we did notice was when it was time to catch the bus at MK at closing - it seemed Pop had a bigger group to load onto several cycles of buses before the line was small enough to tempt us to stand in line (we’d patiently waited on a bench for the line to get short for our tired legs). But who knows how typical that is, or if it was just a one-time thing. It just took a long time for buses (often the long, bending ones) to move that many people - and buses came often.

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We stayed at POFQ in May and we loved it! It’s a beautiful resort and it was quiet. We did share buses with POR but I felt like it didn’t add that much time or make the line too long. The food at the Floatworks is really good and our kids DD 11 and DS 8 loved the pool. We would totally stay there again!

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I much prefer POFQ. It is small, quiet, and well-themed. I also love taking the boat to Disney Springs. Waiting for a bus to get back to Pop from the parks at the end of the night can take a really long time.

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We are planning to stay at POFQ next spring as well, but I am keeping an eye out because if there is a promotion, PO is usually excluded or reduced rate (for example, other moderates might have a 25% room discount and PO only has 10%). So I may re-book if/when they release Spring promotions.

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We are staying at Pop next March (2020). Just a heads up that it looks like the Hippy Dippy pool will be closed at that time. The two quiet pools will still be open. In case that makes a difference in your choice.

We love Pop, especially with the refurbished rooms. The buses do tend to be crowded but they are frequent. We have rarely waited more than about five minutes for one.

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I have never stayed at POP, but have stayed at POFQ many times. I love the smaller resort. We use the boat to go to DS several times each trip. I know POP will have the Skyliner but I’m happier on the bus, boat, or a Minnie Van.

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