Pop vs CBR

DH and I will be @WDW july 9-12. In reviewing hotel prices, I discovered it is only $30 more to stay at CBR (that is the total amount-not per night).

I know CBR has horrible reviews, but DH and I have stay at Pop many times and like it. However we also think it would be nice to stay somewhere different.


I love to try different resorts each trip. I would be inclined to switch just to have a new resort experience.

I seem to recall reading that CBR doesn’t have any elevators. If true and that’s an issue for you, you’d have to ask for main floor access. If none is available, it may help with your Pop/CBR decision.

I’ve stayed at both, and I had less than stellar experiences at CBR, but given the price differential, I’d still stay at CBR for that.

When We couldn’t book POR for free dining on our last trip, we ended up at CBR.

So glad we did, whole family loved it! Beautiful place, refurbed rooms, food court was good and more choices when it came to our kids’ allergies.

While some locations must have long walks due to the size of the resort, if you can get request in for a good location that’ll minimize that issue.

Buses worked ok for us, minimal snafus. We found being in Aruba and Jamaica got us first on empty buses heading out, and often first stop when returning.

Walking for coffee at sunrise was my favorite part of the resort. Kids loved the pool and slide.

Sunrise Photo: https://flic.kr/p/weXZE7

I would absolutely book CBR at that price differential.


$30 is worth it just for the upgraded amenities. It’ll be quieter, with a lounge, a table service option, and bigger softer beds.

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CBR is great! I’m not sure why it always gets bad reviews. We have stayed there twice in the past, and are staying again in November. The first time was just adults, and last time was with my 4yr old son. Both experiences were great. Yes, there can be long walks depending on where your room is, but other than that it’s very nice. They updated the rooms recently and the food court is actually pretty good with lots of choices. The pool is fantastic if you have little ones, too. I would definitely upgrade!

We loved CBR. We did stay in a preferred room which made the location great. It’s one of my favorites! I would do it!

We’ve stayed at CBR twice in the past 10 years and loved it both times. Rooms were clean and comfortable. The resort was quiet with very nice landscaping. The pool, with the caribean fort and pirate ship for the little ones, is pretty great. Walking was not really an issue for us, but for those who can’t walk long distances it could be. I’d agree with others here that for that price difference I’d go for CBR.