Pop vs. AoA

So, since staying on Disney property, I’ve only been on POP century. Love it to pieces. Always loved the idea of AoA, but it was never included in any specials that my boyfriend and I have taken advantage of. Hearing rumors that AoA would be included in upcoming specials, is AoA worth it?

Mind that we would be in a Little Mermaid room as we don’t need a suite… we don’t spend a lot of time in the room anyway.


I’ve only stayed in the Nemo suites, so I can’t really compare with the LM rooms. BUT I have also stayed at Pop, and to be honest, I love both resorts a lot! I think that the entry hall in Pop is nicer, but the main pool at AoA is way nicer. The stores are similar, and although most people say that the AoA food court is better, I thought they were not dramatically different. One plus for AoA is that the rooms are newer, so things like the tile in the bathroom is more up-to-date / less grungy. Otherwise, I think you are looking at a substantially similar experience.

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I have stayed in both Pop and AoA LM. Have you walked around the AoA property? Every time we stay at Pop, we take a little walk around AoA to eat dinner and look at the awesome theming – it really is awesome. As for the rooms, they are almost exactly like Pop rooms, except with LM decor. The big blue pool is awesome. The walk through Lion King is awesome…

But having done both, we save our money and book Pop. Money is tight – if it weren’t, we’d do AoA all the time. But for us, a visit over there for dinner is enough. But if you can afford it, go for it! :slight_smile:


I’ve stayed at pop and at AoA in a little mermaid room. Yes, the theming in the LM rooms is really great (really really great!), but I just don’t think it would be enough to get me to choose AoA again over pop. Not a popular opinion, but I prefer pops food court - reason being that there are so many customisable choices at the AoA foodcourt, that we found the queues to be long and glacially slow. The big blue pool at AoA is lovely, but if I wasn’t taking little kids, then I would be just as happy with pop’s pool. Also the LM rooms are a bit of a hike from the food court and the buses - not a huge hike, but still…

Conclusion - I would go for pop.

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Big AoA fan here! LM rooms are great, much newer then the dingy one we had at pop. Love the resort and the overall atmosphere… It did seem to me that pops food court was bigger/better layout/something… You do not want to hit AoA food court at peak times, it’s crazy-town. But I do love the food selection when we do eat :slight_smile: pools are great and there is a splash area my ds4 loves!!! We drive so no comments on busses… But I have never felt that the LM rooms are too far of a walk to the main buildings… I usually ask for king triton building to be close to the car :slight_smile: soooo… I say give it AoA a try!!!

As for buses, I would give the advantage to Pop, but it’s only slight and probably can vary in either direction from week to week.

Little Mermaid rooms are RARELY included in ANY promotions. This is because of their limited number and popularity. There is just simply too much demand for them to ever be included in any promotions. I wouldn’t hold out that the LM rooms would be part of any discounts, etc.

I’m sorry to maybe have burst your bubble! But you’re better sticking with POP if you’re looking for a discount or promotion.


we stayed at AOA in a cars suite in May and really enjoyed it…however, if you don’t have kids I won’t recommend it. It is literally crawling with little kids (mine were 7 and 4 at the time of visit). it was perfect for us but if I didn’t have kids with me I would not have wanted to be there. The food court is absolute madness also. Just my thoughts!

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Thanks for the info everyone! I was asking about the Little Mermaid rooms because they were in ALL OF THE PIN CODES I got for the season, so just checking in case it was added to the line up for next year :wink:

Thanks again!