Pop to Paddlefish — advice, please

It’s 6pm and I’m at Pop. I have an ADR at Paddlefish in DS at 7.30pm.

What’s the best plan?

I’ve never been to DS, so I have no idea how big it is or how easy it is to find places. How far are the bus stops from Paddlefish? How close could an Uber get?

DS is pretty huge and navigating can be a little challenging at first. That being said, I do think bus is your best bet for a first visit. Ride share drops of way on the other end and if you’re not sure where you’re going it could be overwhelming. The bus, on the other hand, drops of pretty near to the walkway you’ll need to use to get to Paddlefish.

I’ll grab you a map in a second

It’s a decent size. If you take the bus it will drop you in the center. There are large electronic maps throughout to help you navigate. I believe Paddlefish is central and toward the water (opposite of the buses). There is also guest relations in the center area fairly close to the buses if you need assistance. Not sure where the Lyft would drop you. You could consider the Minnie Vans. I know the price stinks, but we tried it on our last trip and decided the service we received was worth the up charge and we felt like we were still in the bubble. I think the MVs can drop off where the buses do.


The bus will drop you off at the red dot. You’ll walk to the left of the building you see there and then cross a bridge following the path straight down toward Paddlefish. It will be about a 7 minute walk, give or take.

I have found GPS to be quite helpful at DS.

Minnie Vans also drop off quite a distance from where the Prof is headed. Although the bus ride can feel interminable, it’s not bad from Pop and I think it’s the best option in this case.

Wasn’t sure about that, that’s for clarifying :grinning:

Here’s a map showing where ride share, including Minnie Vans, drops off

Although now come to think of it I do think you can request to be dropped off at the other end of the marketplace by Minnie Van — not sure that they allow Lyft/etc over there though.

I’ve recklessly gone for a Minnie Van. I figure I can be reasonably demanding about where I want dropping off. Plus it’s an experience. It might be fun!


I’m not 100% certain of the drop off in this map, but it’s in that general vicinity if it’s allowed. Here is the route you would take from there


Be sure to request Marketplace. Be clear that you do NOT want West End.



Found it!


Here now!


The story continues on my Day 2 thread.


This may or may not be related depending on his next moves but where the blazes do Lyfts
Pick up from Disney springs? When I went I tried and wasted over 30 minutes trying to figure out where the pick ups were even with my gps pointing them out. It looked like it was in a parking garage but it was a “one way only” area which didn’t make any sense to me at the time. (and then it rained, which added to the frustration). I was in the lime(?) parking garage area. There was another one that seemed across friggin town, so I didn’t try that one.

But if you’re at the World of Disney, where’s the best place to get out of there?

(I Ended up bussing out to the nearest hotel that was picking up and then bussing over to magic kingdom. )

Waaaaaaaaaay down the West End last where Cirque used to be. It’s a hike!

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Holy crap, so the one across town really was the one I should have gone for. Cripes. :thinking::tired_face:

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Thanks for all the maps and directions, by the way. I actually read one of @OBNurseNH’s posts out to my driver when he asked me where I wanted to go.


Entirely my pleasure


Man, every once in a while I come across one of these threads and it restores my faith in humanity. What an absolutely amazing group of people are on here! @profmatt (while diligently taking pictures so all of us can follow along with his vacation because he’s just that awesome!) needs some help, hops online and within a very short period of time, has answers, maps and everything he could possibly need. I want to reach out and give this entire group a virtual hug. It does my heart good! :heart::sparkling_heart: