POP to Ohana to MNSSHP- drive or bus?

We are staying at POP and have a reservation for O’hana at 3:30 then we’re going to MK for MNSSHP. What’s the best way to do this? Drive to TTC then walk to Poly then monorail to MK? Or bus to MK then monorail to poly and back? How much time do you think each option would take?

I would just drive straight to the Poly, park there and leave the car there. Then after the party you have a couple of options to leave via the mono/ferry to the TTC and walk to your car or take the resort launch to the Poly and walk to your car. Unless you want adult beverages, I would always drive.

We had almost this exact same scenario last year and did just as suggested above. We parked at the Poly and left the car there, then took the resort launch back to the car when MK closed. We thought it was great and enjoyed the new experience of seeing the Poly from the water as we approached on the boat. I would definitely do it again.


Could I slightly modify this question to cover the case of not having a car please? We thought we could get a bus from PC to the TTC but of course they go right past that, direct to MK! Is the best option to do that and then get the monorail back to the Poly?

I’d say if you don’t want to Uber/Lyft (which is what I’ve been doing for resort-to resort trips that aren’t on the monorail… it’s much, much faster and less hassle than having to transfer somewhere) then you should bus to TTC and take the monorail or launch to Poly.

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Will I be able to get a bus to the TTC from PC? Wasn’t sure if they ran one.

No, I’m sorry. I meant bus to MK, not TTC.

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No worries, just checking! Sounds like a plan, thank you.