Pop, the Skyliner, rope-dropping and breakfast

My 60 day window arrives next week so my mind is very focussed on ADRs. I’m only going to book breakfasts and I’ll take my chances with other meals.

Because of the jet-lag / time difference, getting up early and rope-dropping actually worked really well in March, so I’m interested in doing that again.

I had finalised a list of breakfast locations, but it occurred to me that I’m staying at Pop because of the Skyliner and if I don’t use it I may as well have stuck with ASMu (it’s not worth it to switch back: I checked).

So … I have two questions.

  1. Between what times is the Pop Skyliner a no-go in the mornings? I need to know this to figure out breakfast timings.

  2. What Skyliner accessible breakfast locations do you recommend? Bear in mind, I’m not remotely fussy and am perfectly happy with a standard buffet, i.e. I’m doing Cape May and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.


My current thoughts:

  1. Not Topolino’s because I’m doing dinner there. But maybe Primo Piatto?

  2. Cape May

  3. I was disappointed by TAF in February, but maybe give it another shot?

  4. A&C didn’t wow me, but I could go again, I guess.

  5. In-park options? H&V — I went a few years ago and liked it. Why isn’t GG doing breakfast again?

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We’ve liked Trattoria Al Forno for breakfast. The pressed pot coffee was really good. The pancakes were delicious, light and fluffy and the omelette was delicious as well. Would you consider rope dropping DHS and Epcot then do later breakfast around 10:00? Or are you mainly looking to eat early then head to the parks? While I’ve not eaten there, the QS at Riviera gets lots of love as well. It seems like the skyliner is moving by 7:00 most days.


I could do that. I’m reasonably relaxed about timings.

Favorite breakfast ever. Can’t believe it’s not back.


We did a PPO breakfast at H&V last March and the food and service was good, but I feel like you pay an exorbitant price because it’s character dining. So, unless you are interested in seeing Doc McStuffins and Vampirina it may not be worth the cost. It was not buffet while we were there due to COVID, but they would bring you as much as you wanted. That may have changed since.

How about one of the restaurants at CBR for breakfast? I have also heard great things about Primo Piatto.

We saw the skyliner loading most mornings by 7:15, we were delayed getting there one morning by lightening lane struggles and found ourselves in this line at 7:45

ETA: I don’t know that man looking over his shoulder, but I’m getting a good laugh wondering what he was thinking


What time was park opening for this? How long did you actually wait?

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We were headed to HS for 8:30 early entry. This was a busy spring break week. We were on by 8:05 but then encountered another lengthy line at the CB hub to take the branch to HS. The next picture I have is on Toy Story Mania with a timestamp of 8:52 so I don’t remember exactly what time we entered the park but late enough that I scraped our plans to rope drop MMRR and headed to TSM instead.


Thanks for this, I will also be rope dropping HS from Pop. While Inam super excited tonhave the skykiner acess, I thinknInwill be Ubering to HS or to the Swan for RD since we want to get there super early.

By Ubering to HS, you are at the mercy of when HS opens the parking lot to drop-offs. By going to the Swan, you are in control of how early you want to walk into HS entry area. Walking always wins.

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I don’t think that’s necessary if you want to avoid the line, just get to the skyliner earlier than we did! We loved the skyliner, this was meant as a cautionary tale of why you don’t want to run behind! I waited to get ready for the day until after I secured our LL times which I struggled with and had to wait for the drop around 7:15/7:20. I had planned to be walking to the skyliner about 30 minutes earlier than we did and I think it would’ve been much easier.

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I appreciate it - all I have to do is show my daughter that picture and we will hopefully get our butt in gear! We will be going back and forth, so if we choose Uber, there will still be e more skyliner rides.

I think I will shoot for walking and move to drop off of we are behind schedule - ehy walk if dropping off has already happened? But I have a life goal of being that person at the very front of the line. Because it is so not me unless you count booking LL, ADRs or summer camps the second the sote opens!

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How ahead do they open the lot?

Its either an hour before EE or an hour before park opening. I meed to do more research. I know that walkers beat drivers to HS, and this is the only patk whete it makes a big difference with ROTR opening 30 mins before the official EE.

I’ve read that if you want to be at the front of the pack for Early Entry - getting to your mode of transportation about 90 minutes before early entry time is the key. That should put you at the front of the transportation line even if the transportation doesn’t actually start until an hour before early entry, which means your one of the first at the parks.

Edited to add after seeing your other comment - Disney transportation starts 1 hour before early entry.

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Thanks for clarifying. I’ve read mixed things about when the skyline mr runs especially for Epcot. An hour before EE is fine for me.

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