Pop -> Skyliner -> Garden Grill @ 8AM

Good plan or bad plan if Skyliner is opening at 7:30? I’d MUCH rather ride Skyliner than the bus, but think it might be risky if Skyliner is delayed (and then I cant get a bus in time to get to GG). Thoughts? Experience?

Take the bus.

We stayed at AoA and had an 8:35 at Garden Grill but wanted to get there early. Skyliner stops a LOT and you need time to get through security and scan your bands, plus walk to breakfast. Buses start earlier than they say…we caught a bus around 7:15 that morning and were at Garden Grill at 8:15. Every time someone has a mobility scooter…which is often…Skyliner stops for a few minutes and I could see that being stressful for you and also cutting it really close.