POP Room Request

Fellow liners. What room(s) do you recommend I request at POP when I send in my fax request? Our trip is quickly approaching. We just have a regular room booked. Thanks!

I like buildings 9 or 10. Close to the bus stops.

We like the 60s buildings. Close to the lobby and the main pool. You can walk straight through the lobby area to the bus stops.

I just got back from in week in room 5113. Beautiful view of the lake. Right by the bridge to art of animation. Around the corner from main pool and close to lobby/food court. It was very quiet all week. I thought it was the perfect room. Wherever you end up, enjoy!


We’ve got that one on our request! Pretty view and close to the jogging trail. We’re runners. Lol

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Thanks everyone!

Which section was this room in?

5113 is in the 60s section. Building 5 is to the left of the main pool as you stand at classic hall looking out toward the pool and the direction of art of animation. The nice thing about the lake views on that side is it overlooks the part of the lake that is not affected by the Skyliner station construction.


And that is a standard, not a preferred room?


Yes! I have that as my request and we are in standard.

Definitely standard. I think all the lake view rooms are. If you look on the room finder on touring plans, you’ll see it labeled as standard.

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