POP room request recommendations?

We are going to stay at Pop in early-mid March for 7 nights. We have a preferred room booked, but that could be in the 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s buildings. Priorities are easiest walk to transportation (don’t plan on spending a lot of time at resort…) and possibly easy access to parking lot as will be driving. Anyone stay at a Pop preferred room and have any preferences? I think the main pool will be closed for refurb at that time. The skyliner should be well up and running by then, too. Thanks!

We stayed in 1405 in July. We drove, and building one was very close to the parking lot. It was also close to the main building, although not at the end with the buses. It was nice to have a very short dash when raining. Our room faced west, so we had a nice view of the middle open spaces, and a bit of the bowling pin pool - better than facing east and the parking lot! We wanted the top floor for less noise. It also got us further away from the smell of the smoking area just west of that part of building one. Since the elevator is in the center of each building, every wing is the same distance to walk - if you use the elevator.

We will be there again next week, driving, and I ended up requesting that same room section. I thought about trying something different, like something with a view of the lake. But the convenience of building 1 won out. Since the Skyliner will be running for your trip, you have a tougher choice!

Is building 1 the 90’s section?

No, the 50’s. You can see a map and aerial view on this fan site: http://www.popcenturysite.com/content/pop-century-resort-maps.

ETA: We had a preferred standard view room. Check the room finder maps to see which parts of the buildings have your category. Buildings with preferred also have standard rooms.

We just stayed in 9346 which is in the 80s/90s section though wasn’t a preferred room. It wasn’t what I requested (I’d asked for something with a lake view) but it was past 4:00 and we didn’t have a room so we took what they had ready. I’m so glad we did because it was perfect for us. We also weren’t at the resort much and and it was very easy to get to the buses every morning. The day the kiddos swam we also appreciated being close to the computer pool which was practically empty.

Thanks for the link to the resort map; that makes the building locations a lot clearer! I think we might request the 70’s section.