Pop or all star sports 9/28-10/5

I am currently holding 2 reservations for our upcoming trip. One at POP and one at All Star Sports. I want POP from 9/28-10/5 but there is no availability at POP (free delicious deal), so my res is 9/28-10/4 (I’ve been searching for DAYS and just snagged that) so now i’m in a conundrum. I want POP for the queen beds and because we stayed there in 12/2017 and loved it. I stayed at Sports in 2003 and have horrible memories of it but I was also an akward teenager :wink: and most of the memories had to do with the LONG bus rides.
We’ll have a vehicle so maybe the differences aren’t as big as I’m thinking. Trip is 2 adults and 2 kids (4,5). My res at sports is 9/28-10/6 and is $400 more than POP.
Someone help me decide!

Personally I would chose Pop because the rooms are refurbished and they’re really great.

And you can spend the $400 on desert parties or an After Hours event.

Our pop room was refurbished last time so I totally agree. I’m hesitating because our vacation will be through park closing Saturday so that $400 will be meals and hotel stay for the last day so the cost is close to a wash and I have to figure out somewhere to stay Friday night. We’ve never stayed offsite. Sports is the easier option but I don’t wanna ha.

Split stay?

Killer argument: Skyliner

mike drop

That is a mic drop. I’ll pay out of pocket for Friday if it’s open :laughing:

I called and though the room wasn’t available online, they were able to add a night on the phone! So that was easy!