Pop during cheerleader competition

Looks like the cheerleading competition will be happening the entire week we are in the world next May.

I know that they usually overrun the All Star resorts (the horror stories and pictures of kids clogging up the resort made me nervous) but I’m wondering if they affect Pop Century.

I know they don’t tend to change the park attendance numbers, but I can’t sleep with any noise going on and would rather change our dates if they will be a nuisance.

Not sure how much cheerleaders will affect Pop, but I’ve stayed there and the walls are thin. If any noise keeps you awake, I recommend asking for an upper floor, away from the pools. I could hear people walking by or above me, which I didnt mind, but could be an issue for you.

I don’t know how many cheer squads stay at POP, however a friend of mine is a cheer coach and when they went to WDW for the competition last year they actually stayed at POP…still far out so you may want to consider switching resorts. Or if you don’t want to switch resorts, switching weeks.

It looks like theres a competition the last weekend of April and then another one May 5 to 7. Our arrival date is the 7th, so I’m hoping that means that most of them will be leaving at that time. I made my reservation today so I’ve got my fingers crossed…

If your arrival date is at the end I think you could be in good shape! Have you checked any special notes on the crowd tracking for that day?