Pop Century stairwell question

I am trying to choose a room in the Pop Century Resort. I can’t seem to find the location of the stairwells on any of the pictures or on any website. I have included a screenshot of the TP room finder website. Could someone please indicate where on the map the stairwells are?

Please & thank you!!!

Stairwells are located at the outside ends of each wing and in the middle where the wings meet. The elevator is in the middle. Hope that makes sense.

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like this? @scrapper1617


Yes, and add a stairwell by the elevator.:slightly_smiling_face:

That’s how it was in the building we were in. I’m assuming all of them are the same.

That’s how it was in our building as well.

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Thanks you guys! Additional question: Are the rooms near the stairs more noisy than others?

Can’t speak to Pop but when we stayed at other Value Resorts (ASMu and ASSp) we found that while the room was overall pretty well sound insulated, we DID hear the foot traffic outside. So it would be safe to assume that there might be a bit more noise at some of the stairwells.

Didn’t @len and friends do a decible rating project once? Was it for individual rooms or for resorts as a whole?

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I haven’t stayed in one of those rooms so I’m not sure. I suppose they could be noisier because people have to pass those rooms to get to the stairs. We stayed in the 60’s wing closest to AOA and our room was very quiet.

I’m looking at Building number 3 and trying to get a view of AoA and the lake area. I think I’ve got it narrowed down pretty well.

Thanks for everyone’s help and opinions!!!

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I hope you get the room you want.

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We staying on the end in building 2 on the top floor in room 36. It was so quiet! everyone walked away from our room to go towards the elevators. The stairwells are outdoors in the large bowling pins so there aren’t any doors opening or closing which helps the noise a lot.


I was three rooms away from the center stair well/elevator and I didn’t notice any noise from the stairs.