POP Century Room Request Question


I have an upcoming trip, staying at Pop Century and I was looking at the different room options for faxing in the request. All of the options that I see in TP says two double beds or 1 king bed. Are the double beds really the new Queen beds and the site just hasn’t been updated? If I select two double beds, will I get the Queen beds (since Queen isn’t an option that I have seen)?
I was looking at Building 3 in the 50’s

Any info from people who have stayed there and used the request would be appreciated!


Yes the double have been replaced by queens in the refurb.


Building 3 is great. We stayed in room 3459 (4th floor, landscape view) in 2016 and even with the stairs the walk to the food court and transportation were great.


Do they have elevators? We have a toddler with a stroller. I know All Stars have elevators so I assume POP does too


Absolutely. I would recommend putting your request in for a 1st floor room like 3159 so you can save time going to and from the elevator.