POP Century Room Request Question

I have an upcoming trip, staying at Pop Century and I was looking at the different room options for faxing in the request. All of the options that I see in TP says two double beds or 1 king bed. Are the double beds really the new Queen beds and the site just hasn’t been updated? If I select two double beds, will I get the Queen beds (since Queen isn’t an option that I have seen)?
I was looking at Building 3 in the 50’s

Any info from people who have stayed there and used the request would be appreciated!

Yes the double have been replaced by queens in the refurb.

Building 3 is great. We stayed in room 3459 (4th floor, landscape view) in 2016 and even with the stairs the walk to the food court and transportation were great.

Do they have elevators? We have a toddler with a stroller. I know All Stars have elevators so I assume POP does too

Absolutely. I would recommend putting your request in for a 1st floor room like 3159 so you can save time going to and from the elevator.

Since the room layouts are out of date for Pop, anyone have any recommendations for how to search for a standard room at Pop? Looking for upper floor, quiet, reasonably close to transportation.

For a standard room, just pick standard view/2 double beds on the room finder. These now have 2 queens, but everything else is the same. I stayed in building 8, 90’s section, room 8461 after the refurb. It was very quiet, and right next to the parking lot you cut across to get to the bus stops. I would not request that section if going during Pop Warner football and other cheerleading events though as that is where they house the groups. I think you are going soon, and there are huge cheerleader events getting ready to happen, though I don’t know the exact dates. If going during them, I would choose away from the 80’s and 90’s if you want quiet. In December (during Pop Warner) I stayed in building 6, 1970’s area in room 6463 or one right next to it. Very quiet as well. I don’t really see any of the rooms being that far from the buses, there are lots of shortcuts through buildings. Quite a few options pop up on the room finder when you put in standard view/2 doubles/quiet/walking time 7 minutes or less/upper floor. I usually stay deluxe or moderate with my family, but love Pop for a solo or 2 person trip. The rooms are perfect for 2 people, great showers, beds are really comfy. I never thought I would like a value resort, but Pop is really good for the price.

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We are going next week. I believe a cheer competition will be just ending when we get there.

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One ends and another one begins the next weekend.

I was just at PoP last week, we ended up with room 1452 and 1453 connecting. We had been assigned adjoing but not connecting rooms so upon arrival we spoke with a helpful CM at the check in. They git us the connecting roons within 15 minutes so it never hurts to ask. We loved the room location, opposite side from the noisy pool, top floor and only 3 minutes walk or so to Classic Hall and busses

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