Pop Century room request advice

Hi, looking for some advice on a room request for Pop and best way to submit, we go in 35 days and had intended to submit through TouringPlans.

We have booked a standard room with 2 queens and staying for 16 nights as travelling from UK.

Our requirements in order of priority are:

  1. Top floor
  2. Not inter-connected / no adjoining room
  3. Quiet room
  4. Close to food court

Thank you!


Which room category are you booked for?

I just realised I missed that info and edited post :see_no_evil: Standard 2 queens

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Did you use room finder? Bldg 1 and 10 would be my picks. I would ask for 4th floor in building 1 or 10. No connecting rooms.

Back for my 2021 trip I requested room 4337 in the 1960s building. I can’t find the room I actually ended up getting but it was great. It was in the 1950s building Building 2, on the top floor with a great view of the lake. I wasn’t too far from the bowling pin stairs so it was a nice walk around the lake to get to the skyliner.

EDIT: This was NOT close to the food court. Meets all the other criteria though :joy:

Call the resort desk about a week before your stay. Make your request. We stay the 60’s building as well because it is close to the Skyway. Never had much luck requesting via Touring plans.

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Quiet room is subjective so I think that’s hard for a room assigner to determine. To meet all four of those would be difficult. Non-connecting rooms on any floor tend to be quieter rooms. Buildings 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 10 are all close to the food court and all have standard rooms.

I’d put in the notes section of the TP request that you’d like a non-connecting room in one of those buildings and that the non-connecting room is your priority. That gives the room assigner a lot to work with. I think you’d be really limiting yourself with the top floor request or top floor and nonconnecting. But if top floor is what you really want then note that as your main priority.

I’ve had my room request met by only using TP request 8 of the 10 times I’ve asked. The first two times were the very first times I requested and I made no notes about what I wanted or why. I just left the TP text. After that in the notes, I asked for any room in building 4, 5, or 6 to be close to the Skyliner and have had that request met 8 out of 8 times.


Thanks everyone for your advice — will post which room we ended up getting and how we requested in a few weeks


I have found that corner rooms facing the lagoon are generally the quietest - avoid facing the pools at all costs!! - and have lovely views. As for distance to the food court, the only time I was really unhappy about the distance was when I was placed in the far end of the 50s (I haven’t stayed in the 90s yet but I imagine it’s the same issue there). Even the rooms close to the Skyliner were only a couple minutes of walking. Pop isn’t huge which is one of the reasons I love it!

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Do you care which pool you end up near? We loved the pinball shaped one and only ended uo there by chance. Of course the big one has more stuff. I was there in 2015 so things might have changed though.

We’ve requested 50s 2413 which is at the end of the longer section of rooms nearer the food court — hopefully that’s not the room you didn’t like

Not too bothered about walking a bit to get the pool but have requested 50s building 2 which is next to the bowling pin

Be aware of the smoking area along a path near the Classic Hall end of building one, a 50’s building.

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We stayed at the 50s building and loved it. :slight_smile:

Nope, I was waaaay in the back basically in the parking lot.

@pmccowat - have you tried our Hotel Room Finder tool? It’ll show you all of the rooms that match your criteria, and:

  • A photo of the specific view from every room that matches
  • We can send Disney your request for those rooms at the 30-day-before-checkin date

For example, Pop Century Rom 6460 seems to meet your criteria.

Let me know if I can help with anything.


Thanks Len - great to hear from the TP legend :star_struck:

We requested building 2, top floor, no connecting room via the room request tool and you have already sent it, your option looked good also though!

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Let us know if you get your request or even close. I have yet to get even close via TP room finder.

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I was at Pop last week. I had my room request met via TP request. Asked for building 4, 5, or 6. Got building 6. Was there in March as well. Asked for building 4, 5, or 6. Got building 5. Both times I arrived at Pop around 11:00AM. I got the room ready text within an hour of arriving.