Pop Century room recommendation?

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a section or a room at Pop Century. We have booked a standard room. My preference is close to the buses and quiet. Would a corner room be a good choice for the quiet aspect?

We love 60s building, fourth floor, with the lake view. We have done it twice and it has been very quiet both times.

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We always request Building 9 in the 80’s. Rooms 9137 thru 916? are on the ground floor and face building 10 and are located close to buses and not to far from dining hall.

60s building is my favorite place as well. It’s nice and quiet there; but it could be louder depending on the time of year that you visit.

I really like the 1970s building, section 6. We stayed 1st floor, facing the 1960s building. The walk seemed so short and direct to the food court. Room 6133, check it out on the room finder feature.
We’ve stayed in 1980s building 7, 3rd & 4th floor. In comparison, it was so nice to just walk right into the room on the first floor after a day at the park or if you just wanted to run out to grab something to eat or drink. No stairs, no elevator.