Pop Century room rec?

We leave in 12 days!!! Staying at Pop century and really curious about asking for a specific room…but what to ask for???

It will be two moms with two 6 year olds so we got the preferred view because the lady said it would be closer to transportation…good for bringing two tired kiddos back when we might be carrying them!

I was already told we will be in the 60s building. I usually never want 1st floor but might be nice to just walk out of the room to the pool?

Oh and refurbished or not??? I’m nervous that the new rooms have very little counter space in the bathroom…4 girls!!!

Any other recommendations?

I think the 60s are all completely refurbished now. I thought that pictures of the new rooms showed a bunch of counter and shelf space in the bathroom.

We had a preferred room on the 3rd floor our last trip. This time I think we will request 2nd or 1st floor.

The sink area looked like it was a half counter (the sink stuck out farther than the counter) so I was worried about space… but they did seem to have lots of little cubbies so maybe it’s not a bog deal.

I also thought the new rooms looked smaller with the table being under the bed but the rooms couldn’t have actually gotten smaller, right?

The rooms are the same size but the beds are bigger. I think that creates the impression that it is smaller. Personally I am okay with giving up some floor space for the bigger bed!

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Me too! We have a kingsize at home and when we go down to doubles like Pop used to have, we were kicking each other all the time. Haha. My 2 teens normally don’t share a bed at home and when they are forced to in hotels, they whine so much because one rolls around tons. We’re staying at Pop this weekend for the first time since the renos and I’m so happy to have queen beds now! The kids will probably still whine of course. haha. We are actuality thinking of bringing our little twin air mattress for one of them to be able to sleep on the floor.

Oh that makes sense and yes I will happily give up floor space to have bigger beds!

We just got back from staying at POP in the 60s building. We had a first floor standard room that faced the lake (5120 to be exact). Yes, the 60s has been renovated.
I thought it was a great location. It’s about as close to transportation as you can get, and our room was an even quicker walk to the pool, but since it was on the other side of the building, we didn’t get the noise from the swimmers.
The beds aren’t huge, but my wife and I slept in ours quite comfortably. The room met our size needs in the fact that it was a place to rest, but you don’t have much more room for anything else. If we ate in our room, we were eating in our beds normally. The only other problem was there wasn’t much room to put dirty clothes, so we just piled them in the floor in the bathroom next to the “closet.”
As far as bathroom counter goes, there’s enough room for toothbrushes and a few products, but that’s about it. Luckily, my family doesn’t use much product besides shaving cream (me) and a little makeup (wife and daughters).