Pop Century Room Question

We have booked

PrfrdRm-Pl WChrAcc Tub OptHr Q QTblBd

Which is to be a Preferred Pool View with 2 queen beds, Wheelchair Accessible with Tub and Optional Hearing Accessibility.

When selecting those options on the room request page, I get no rooms that match the description.

Any ideas?


I had a quick look in case it was user error but I couldn’t get anything to come up either - still could be user error of course. But I suspect there is not going to be a huge amount of choice in that category anyway - probably 2 rooms at most, maybe only 1. I would be inclined not to bother.

Of course, someone with experience of booking this room type may come along with great advice about the room fax and if they do, brilliant! Listen to them instead.

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With needs that specific for a room, honestly I’d just forego the request fax.

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I don’t think the room finder gets quite so specific. You could say preferred room in ______ building. Your reservation has the important details of handicap accessible and # of travelers would probably dictate bed config but it wouldn’t hurt to mention either of there.

It does have those specifics to search for.


Right! It does have those specifics, but it does not offer any rooms to choose from when I choose the specifics, like not one room lights up as being available with those choices. I was just curious to see the view and where our room would be.

There are so very few accessible room with tubs that a request isn’t going to do much. I wouldn’t try to pinpoint the room number. Just let them know which building you would like.

Since the refurbishment, the beds aren’t listed correctly on TP. I went to see what our room in December was labeled as (1451 in the 50’s), and it was listed as 1 King + 1 Double with roll-in shower. In the description it said “1 King bed in room, with a layout that allows for a double-sized cot to be added by request.” It was actually 2 Queens (1 was the Murphy bed) and tub w/ rails.

I would just explain where you would like to be and why. As I said, there are so few rooms with accessible tubs that you probably wouldn’t get the exact room you requested anyway.

Make your request on the phone to Disney directly. :pensive: