Pop Century room amenities

We’ll be staying at Pop for 5 days in August. Just wondered if anyone could help with what amenities are available in the room so we know what to bring - kettle, fridge (with freezer), hairdryer, coffee maker??? We are hoping to breakfast in the room.

Also, any tips for a first timer on what to bring to make life easier?


The non-renovated rooms have a hairdryer, and a small fridge, although the temperature can be a bit unpredictable. We only use it for water and fruit. Rumor has it that the renovated rooms will have a coffee maker. They provide small bars of soap, shampoo and conditioner, as well as disposable, plastic cups. I always take a fold-up hanging organizer to hold toiletries, and liquid hand soap. If we drive, I take extra hangers. plus clothespins. There’s a clothes line in the shower, so you can hang suits to dry.

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Unfortunately there is no freezer in the fridge and no kettle, just a coffee maker. I was perfectly happy with the hair dryer. We brought ziploc bags to use as ice packs with ice from the machine.

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