Pop Century Renovations (Preferred)

Does anyone know if the 70’s has been completely renovated yet?


Taken from DIS boards POP Reno Thread:

Buildings 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 (70’s, 80’s and 90’s sections) COMPLETE

Buildings 4 and 5 (60’s section) STILL BEING RENOVATED

To date some Standard View Rooms, Standard Pool View Rooms and Preferred View Rooms have been renovated.

Historical Refurbishment Date as best we can determine:

Building 8, 90’s, started renovation on March 6, 2017, opened on June 8, 2017 (~renovation time 94 days)

Building 9, 80’s, started renovation early May 2017, opened approx. July 27, 2017 (~renovation time 80 days)

Building 7, 80’s, started renovation early June, 2017, opened approx. Sept 20, 2017 (~renovation time 70 days)

Building 10, 70’s, started renovation Aug 1 2017, opened on Oct 31, 2017 (~renovation time 92 days)

Building 6, 70’s, started renovation Nov 1, 2017, some rooms opened on Dec 12, 2017 and remainder were opened approx. Jan 13, 2018 (~renovation time for first rooms 42 days with balance of rooms taking 74 days)

Building 5, 60’s, started some renovations Dec 12, 2017. Remainder of rooms closed approx. Jan 13, 2018. STILL BEING RENOVATED

Building 4, 60’s, started some renovations Jan 22, 2018. STILL BEING RENOVATED


Awesome!!! Thank you!

Will all the rooms be renovated by June 2018? Do you have to have a preferred room in order to get a refurbished room?

No. Most of the renovated rooms are standard.

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They should be done soonish. It sounds like some of the 60s and all o fthe 50s are all that remains. They have moved swiftly. I am betting done by summer.

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Does anyone know if the 60s has been completed?

I’m at the POP right now and 70’ is renovated.
Got a preferred non-pool view in the 6 building.

As for the 60’, last Thurday morning, I saw a dozen painters coming off that area.
Should be ready pretty soon?

By the way, the 50’ pool is closed for refurb.


We were there a few days ago! 70s, 80s, 90s all are done. They are currently working on the 60s… a small section of building #5 & a big section of building #4 looking over the hippy dippy pool. I have not gone further than that. We are in the 80s & love the new rooms!!

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Thank you for the update.

We have reservations Mar 23-28 and reserved a preferred room. I’m hoping to get into the 70’s building.

@desire499mike, are the new rooms just “refreshed” or improved in some way? We are considering trying POP in 2019–never stayed there been at AKL, POR, or CBR last few trips




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Not refreshed… a total refurbishemnt!! The beds are now queen and the murphy bed is also a queen but pulls up out of the way making more room to move around. I thought it was plenty of soace for hanging some clothes, folding some away, enough counter space in the bathroom for products. The only thing I didnt care for was the shampoo, it just didnt get all the chlorine out of my hair. Glad I brought some from home.

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I’ve looked over the plans but can’t figure this out: we have 2 preferred standard view rooms for early June (for my fam of 4 and my parents), but they are listed as adjoining and we want them to be connected. Would changing this request decrease our chance of renovated rooms? My parents are kind of snobby and I’m trying to prioritize getting them renovated rooms!