Pop Century Refrigerator Size

How big are the refrigerators at Pop Century? I was hoping to get some milk to keep in our room for cereal. If I don’t want to do a whole grocery delivery is there anywhere to just pick up some milk?

They sell milk at the food quart. The refrigerators are big enough to hold a few half gallons and some water.

It can be really hard to control the temperature in the refrigerator. I would suggest you buy 1/2 gallon at a time in case it is not good enough, or the refrigerator freezes everything.

We’ve never found our fridge temperature at the resorts to actually be cold enough. I’ve had this problem the last 3 times we’ve stayed (between both POP and All Star Movies). We found that it keeps drinks cool (like water and juice pouches), but I didn’t trust it was cold enough for our yogurt/milk/cheese products. We ended up filling a cooler with ice for those items. Better to be safe than sorry!!!