Pop Century Pool View-1st floor or upper level?

We are traveling with two other families 91/16-9/5/16. We have preferred pool rooms reserved, and this is our first time at a value resort. One of our favorite rooms was our Wilderness Lodge room overlooking the pool. We loved sitting outside, having a beer, and watching the people.

Noise is not a huge factor. We hope to be up early for RD and up late (no little littles!).

In an upper room, can we pull a chair into the outdoor hallway and sit? Or would it be better to go ground floor, poolside, so we can make the whole area our outside “patio”?

What are your thoughts?
(Any one else out there thinking about trips instead of working:)??)

My family just stayed in three standard pool view rooms in 50’s (3408, 3409, 3410) on the 4th floor. We pulled our chairs out a few times. We hardly ever had anyone walking by.
Here’s the view we had:

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No input on this for you, but wanted to say me and my DH will be at Pop with you 9/2-9/6 :slight_smile: Our one request is a king room. We don’t care where if we can get that :smiley:

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We’ve stayed at Pop 3 times. The best room we had, location-wise was on the first floor.

I do like the view from @scrapper1617’s pic but unless you’re going to spend a significant amount of time enjoying this view, I’d recommend 1st floor. We loved it for the convenience of walking right in & out and being on our way.

The pools at the value resorts, IMHO, do not hold a candle to the deluxes.


I am sure that they don’t. However, I will mind much more than my kids!

Thank you for the thoughts. I think we will try for first floor, but whatever happens, we will make it work!

Just remember, I believe there are fences around all pools at POP now so if you are ground floor, you will be looking through bars at the pool. However, the convenience of being of the first floor is really nice. We were on the 4th floor last year and the stairs got old after awhile (I hate waiting for elevators and we were far from them anyways). Needless to say, this time, we are requesting a ground floor room.
We will also be there the same time!