Pop Century or Movies?

UGH!! Now I’m torn. I just saw a video from yesterday reviewing the Movies, and even though the room is similar to Pop, they mentioned the bathroom & room was smaller and the bed wasn’t very comfortable. I did a chat with Disney and she said that there are busses still running from the resort to/from both EPCOT & DHS as well as the Skyliner. Is that accurate?

I think there are buses at times but I think it is far less reliable than at other resorts because they want you to use the Skyliner

That bathroom does look wicked small. I was watching a video yesterday and thought that myself


Wicked. I see another New Englander on these boards :grin:


Through and through! GO SOX!

Where are you at? I’m at the MHT :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m wondering if I should just save the $400, keep the Movies and hope for the best (maybe even a upgrade I could hope) :wink:

My biggest fear is being on the Skyliner high up, then it stops. See a HUGE panic attack happening there

Thank you very much for your input

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When we were there, the only time busses were running to HS and EP was when Skyliner wasn’t running. Perhaps that has changed since Skyliner also now services AoA.


I don’t think there is much difference in the bathrooms at all. Plus you are solo so don’t have to share anyway. I travel solo a lot and I would definitely save the $400 and stay at ASM. Especially if the skyliner is iffy for you and the fact it isn’t beneficial for rope drop anyway.

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Celtics, Sox, Bruins & Patriots. Typically fly out of PVD to MCO & occasionally BOS depending on fares & where I’m going.


Thank you everyone!!! I was supposed to go 2 years ago with a Disney Cruise added, but ended up with clots in both lungs so no traveling, then rescheduled to last year and covid hit, so 3rd times a charm?

Thank you again everyone!! You all are great!!!


So I would say back it down from a preferred room because I do not think that is a huge advantage at Pop. Then the prices are even closer and I think Pop is way better with the Skyliner. It was great for us to take breaks from HS and Epcot

Rope drop w/Skyliner was a big advantage for us. We were in HS one day before cars were being let into the parking lot.


Fair concerns based on your experience. Ours has been the opposite. I have yet to see it stopped, but we have had great weather on our recent trips.

To be fair, we were there in August with frequent storms and lightning in the area. But it shut down a lot.

I kind of see this as maybe the only time we’ll stay at Movies, because once the other ASs are open it’s a lot less appealing to me. From what I have seen on FB, AoA is running buses to EP and HS but Pop is not (unless the Skyliner is down or there is another issue). So you could walk over to AoA if the Skyliner becomes a problem.

Pre covid buses from Skyliner resorts to GS/EP were scheduled once an hour. I couldn’t say now if it’s the same.

Thank you everyone for all your input!!

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