Pop Century or All Stars - Music?

I’m booking for August 2018. WE are 2 adults, 2 kids. We need a separate bedroom and to save money. I’m looking at ASMu both the family suite and two adjoining rooms, not much difference in price. Pop Century has two adjoining rooms for only a couple hundred more. (I’m aware that both resorts have a limited number of adjoining rooms, so this may not work)

What are the pros and cons of staying at either of the resorts. I’m hearing that the bus situation at ASMu isn’t great, we did AoA last year and had no problems at the same time of the year?


I’d go with 2 rooms at Pop. Newly renovated (should be finished by August) rooms. Very good QS and a short walk over to AoA QS. Access to both AoA and Pop buses.

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Yes. The QS at Music is minimal.

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On paper they’re very similar but I just like the “feel” of POP better. It also has dedicated buses, which can be a real plus.

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I’d go for ASMus because I like the theming a lot more. And save those 200 buck for a nice TS meal. :wink:

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I always stay at the All Stars Music. I have 5 stays there. It is a nice resort, I have not had issues with the busses. Usually dedicated buses except for maybe disney springs and very early morning or very late in the evening. You can take another All Star bus and add a little more walking time to get to music if you want, especially since it is in the middle.

I will agree the food court is not the best, but it is ok.

If you want newer rooms go to Pop, But I say save the money and go to music then you can do something like a character meal or caring for giants with the money saved.

Also if you get a suite I “think” they are only in the Calypso and Jazz which are the closest buildngs.

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I know this is sacrilege - however have you thought of staying off site? I know you won’t be in the bubble - however if you are wanting two rooms - I think you may be able to find nicer accommodations for a bit less. YES there are some benefits that you will not be able to take advantage of - but if you don’t anyway - is it a bid deal?

I KNOW I have not had great reviews of the hotel - however - have you thought of SWAN / DOLPHIN. If you get the Starwoods CC - you can rack up enough points to pay for a room rather quickly. So your overall cost is low.

Also take a look at Bonnet Creek - they have reasonable prices and are fully surrounded by “the bubble”

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Thanks for the input everyone. We had considered staying offsite, but I’m concerned about getting the dinner reservations that I want and the FP+. I think we will go with All Stars Music, but might get the adjoining rooms.

I may be nitpicking, but since Starwood and Marriott are now one and the same, (and the two have now sorted out points equity), Marriott membership points are also good here. We’re staying 3 nights in December for free (yes, still must pay “resort fee”, though!) at the Swan because of our Marriott points.

Cool. They were just transitioning things when we went - however would suggest whatever gives the best options. We ended up getting some of the fees credited as they housekeeping was so bad.