POP Century Opinions - Online Check In Requests

For those who have stayed here before, what would you recommend for room requests? Anything you would do differently next time? I looked at the TP room finder and I understand I can also fax a request closer to the arrival date but I figure I might as well do the online check in process.

It will be me, my wife and our two daughters (8 & 9 years old). I feel like highest floor (less noise) and near transportation would be good but lake view sounds nice too.

Here is the list of options that I have at online check in:

No opinion on room selections for POP, but one additional thing to do is to have your request details added to your reservation itself by calling WDW Reservations.

It's all a matter of taste, but I like 70s fourth floor water view. (I know, you can only pick two.) I think location of 70s is awesome, and fourth floor is SIGNIFICANTLY quieter. And water view is peaceful and pretty, but you'll really only see it when you come and go from your room, so maybe that is less important. 70s building 10 is super close to busstops, as close as you could get.

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We chose the 60's building and lake view. We got exactly that and were given the fourth floor too. We weren't right on top of the bus stop but it wasn't far. It was very quiet.


I stayed in 60s lake view on my last visit, and I loved it. It was on the fourth floor, although I did not request that because the lake view side is going to be away from the pool and quieter regardless of floor. It was not far to the buses or food court at all, though there are certainly closer rooms.

I really likes 70s bld 10. I was on the 3rd floor, facing the courtyard. Got to see Mickey smiling at me everytime I left my room. 5 min (or less) walk to food/busses in one direction, 5 min walk to car in the other direction. Couldn't have asked for better. If I had to select 2 from that list, it would be 70s and near transportation. But I thought you could make more specific room requests...

You can fax in room requests too or have them added to your reservation. I've had limited luck with that but I think some people have gotten exactly what they wanted.

Thanks for all the great input. I guess I will have to decide what is most important to me. The lake view sounds nice and according to the TP room finder the walk time to transportation is only about 7 min. from the farthest rooms verses around 3 min. from the closer rooms. Also looks like higher up rooms add about a minute to the walk time vs. same room lower level. The room finder really is an amazing tool. Decisions, decisions.

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