Pop! Century Favorite Standard View Room Request?

I have planned an impromptu end of February trip back to WDW. We just were there at the end of January for a longer stay plus a Disney Cruise. But I wanted to a do long weekend kind of last minute for the fam. Pop has cheap rooms (in Disney terms) and we liked the convenience of the Skyliner and the ease and really the fun of riding of it for my DD4 and DD7mo. But which themed building would you recommend there for a request? I am a 70s child but I know the 60s are kind of right off the bridge from Skyliner. And I noticed the pool there was drained and they were re-doing it. Thoughts from any Pop fans? TIA!

The main pool is under refurbishment until early spring. Personally I don’t enjoy all the extra noise that seems to come with the pool view. In the non preferred and preferred non pool view I like the back of building 5 which has views of the 70’s or hour glass lake. This offers a very short walk to the food court and buses yet a short walk to AoA


We put our request in for the 60’s building, top floor, facing the lake. It is easy access to the Skyliner and not a horrible walk to the Main Lobby for buses and food.
We won’t be going until late May, but maybe it will work out for us.


That is where we were last fall, it was perfect!!

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Backside of Building 5 was perfect to get to skyline and main building. We were there in January


Both the 70’s and 60’s are close to Classic Hall and the Skyliner. In December we were in rooms 4456 and 4457 of the 60s and we were literally 90 seconds from the Skyliner. Perfect room!

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  1. Lake view; closest to skyliner; still close to food and lobby; just around the corner from main pool.

Thank you to everyone. Excellent advice. And consistent!

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