Pop Century during Cheer and Dance Competitions Feb 2019

Hi guys,

So we’re doing a 6 night stay the first week of February at Pop Century and I had originally intended on doing a 9 night stay but everything was booked up. When I chose a 6 night stay, I was able to get a Preferred Room reservation.

I have a few questions for those that have been to Disney during these dance competitions.

  1. How crowded are the parks?

  2. How rowdy are these teenagers at the resorts?

  3. I’ve heard that the Value Resorts get so booked by these cheerleaders and dancers during this time that sometimes the resort will move our reservation to another resort of equal or BETTER value.

What are the chances of getting moved to a moderate or even possibly a deluxe upon check-in? Just wondering if anyone has experienced that.

  1. How packed will the buses be and the lines getting on the buses?

  2. Are these kids behaved or are we talking, running through the parks in huge groups, cutting in lines, and acting like complete dingbats?


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I don’t have any answers to your questions (sorry), but I was wondering whether you tried to book a split stay at Pop. I ask because I made my March reservation at Pop last week, but I had to split it into 2 reservations: 1 for 6 nights and 1 for 2 nights b/c there was no availability for all 8 nights with the discount offer. Oddly, I could book either nights 1-6 together and then nights 7 + 8 together or book nights 1 + 2 together and then 3-8 together. But could not get a room for nights 1-8 together. Just a random thought…

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Yea we’re doing split stay at Pop.

Our dates are:

Feb 1st - 6th 2019 at Pop Century

Feb 6th - 10th 2019 at Universal Aventura

I had no problems booking the Pop from Feb 1st - 6th, but if I chose any other time in February or March, or even a longer stay (for 8 days or so) there was no availability just like you lol. Weird.

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I will be traveling to WDW this year during the Pop Warner festivities. Can you comment on your experience in regards to the crowds at the parks with the football and cheer crowds? Was it unbearable? Or, was it just another day in WDW?

Thanks in advance.