POP! Century - can you recommend quietest rooms? (on 4th floor?)

Hey peeps!

We wanted to get a quiet room at POP for afternoon naps, and were told to stay away from facing the pools, and maybe a corner room. I found a thread on here from 2015 that said they found peace (and no elevator action) on the 1st floor, but I’ve also heard that if you’re near a main pathway, you can get a lot of running, noisy folks.

I also heard that unless you want to hear people above you running around, or everyone going to the bathroom with thin walls, you want the 4th floor as near to the corner as possible.

I wake up when a mosquito farts, so an afternoon nap is going to be a challenge for me. Any tips appreciated.

Thank you! :cat::dog:
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Are sleeping pills an option??? Lol. I’m sorry to say we stayed at pop on the second and third floors and there was always someone walking past our kids yelling and we weren’t even near a pool. Plus they have super loud toilets so you hear it every time a neighbor flushes.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. We’ve only stayed there once so it could have just been us.

Ok the flip side we stayed at POR and AKL before and never heard a peep. We decided at that point we’re just not value people.

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I can’t speak to daytime naps, but we stayed in building 2 (2124) corner, facing the parking lot and found it quiet at night. This is about as far away from a pool as possible. For our next stay in a week, I’ve requested the same room in bldg 1. Noises bother me tremendously, but ear plugs formed to my ears help. FWIW, I never needed them at night. The second floor of that area is listed as quiet by touring plans.

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I think ear plugs are a good idea - thank you!

LOL - yes, at night, they are NEEDED! I’m with you, I think that a value location will make it difficult, but part of me is saying that I’m being a baby and should just suck it up and try it out.

I might go price the difference in hotels, and see what availability there is, because you never know… people drop out of plans.

I have a friend at work who goes to WDW several times a year with her mother. They always stay at POP, and she assured me that it would be fine… but staying last time at POR was our first experience, and I have a feeling this will pale in comparison.

Thanks @Outer1 - your posts make me smile on the forum!
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Depending on when you are going you might check with dvc rental store for last minute deals. Renting can make deluxe resorts cheaper than mods.

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We stayed on the 2nd or 3rd floor of POP in building 9 - FAR AWAY from the buses and it was so quiet all week. We didn’t hear a peep from anyone. I’m a super light sleeper. The walk back to the room at the end of the night wasn’t fun though. It’s all a matter of preference. This year we staying POP, hopefully building 4 to be closer to the buses. I’m investing in ear plugs :slight_smile:

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Wow, I didn’t even know that was a thing, thanks!

Thank you @SStottlemyer - I’m going to look at those buildings right now. :smiley:

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It is. We really wanted AKL for our stay in November but with the W&D half marathon the inventory disappeared before we could get one. The price would have worked out to about $180 a night.

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I would imagine that the further you get from the buses and the food court the quieter it gets.
Also, I double checked - I was in building 7 (not 9). I don’t think we could have been further from the buses.

I’m a little late with my recommendation, but I would eco mend room 6438, which is where I stayed for 9 nights this past August at POP. It’s a 4th floor room, facing hourglass lake and very quiet. I had no problems with little he’s taking afternoon naps in this room. It is on a far end of the building, not close to an elevator so there wasn’t much pedestrian traffic outside the room.

I’m also a light sleeper, so in addition to ear plugs, I would also recommend using a white noise generator or app to help maintain a quiet environment, as these can block the sound of possible interruptions ( such as the toilets at POP which are amazingly loud.


thank you!

Just an FYI - They didn’t accommodate our request, or even acknowledge it. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that if you have a special type of room request (we wanted a king bed) that you CHECK IN TO THE RESORT IN PERSON.

We did the online check-in, and I think that didn’t help our cause.

Also, we were in the 50’s building #1, and they put us directly in front of the smoker’s area - yuck! Room 1310 - boo

Yuck! I’m so sorry to hear they put you right by the smoking area, I would hate that due to my cigarette smoke allergies. I know when I did the fax request this past August, I received a call from POP because they couldn’t accommodate my requests room, but offered one of a similar type in a different building, and they specified the building during the call, but then when I arrived I was assigned a different room (I had done the online check-in process). The room I ended up in was just fine for me. I’m going to be staying at Pop again at the end of the month for a quick weekend trip and we’ll see how the room roulette ends up. I do know that the resort should be having some refurbishment being done while I’m there, so that may affect room placement as well.

I hoe you have a wonderful trip!

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