Pop Century and what room to pick?

This will be our first stay at Pop, and want to get the room right.

I’ve been scanning through the room picker and just wanted to make sure i was thinking right.

Building 1 is closest to the Busses correct?

I was in Building Four facing the lake and it was perfect. I was close to the pool and buses, but the room wasn’t considered “preferred”, so I didn’t have to pay a higher rate.

Was it noisy? Seems it says all the ground floor have a noisy rating. Want to make sure that DD2 sleeps at night. If a 4 is the same as a TV being left on i have no problem if it is a rock band outside i will.

I was on the 4th floor, and I specifically asked for a room that was a decent distance from the elevator, which helped enormously with the noise factor. The first floor will, unfortunately, always be loud. Some of that can be mitigated by requesting a building that’s off the beaten path, but then you end up farther from the buses. It’s a trade off. Most kids sleep hard after a day at Disney, though. You might not have any issues.

Echoing the above post, first floor will always be noisier. Disney’s Pop Century Resort is quite the sprawling resort. The further you are away from pools and the main checkin building, the quieter your stay will be. However, moving further away means staying further away from the motor coach station.

Which buildings at POP are considered preferred? or are there certain sections of certain buildings that are?

We ended up in building 6 on lake side 6142, it was quiet other than the sounds of plumbing from time to time. Had no problem with the noise level. After seeing it i would probally have rather been in 5121-5113 but it was a good room. My dd said goodnight to goofy and the Micky phone every night we went in.

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