Pop century and skyliner

Good morning,
For people that stayed at Pop, how long was the longest wait you had for the sky liner in the morning, Just curious!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

We went in June 2021 and stayed at AoA, which is just across the bridge. I think we stood in line for HS one morning just 15 minutes, but then once line moved it didn’t stop. The exception being small (<1m-2m) to allow the accessible cabins to move into the rotation.
We waited for Epcot one morning, maybe 20-30min, but we were there extra early expecting the line for Epcot to be horrendous.
This particular trip we actually waited longer for busses than we did for the SkyLiner.

My experience is dated, since this was August 2020, and they were socially distancing. I can’t remember the exact wait time…most of the day, there was very little wait. But in the morning, trying to make it to rope drop, the worst was that from getting in line at Pop Century until we arrived at HS, it was about 53 minutes total. I think it is much better, now, because they are no longer doing one party per gondola, which really added to the waits.

Thank you so very much!!!

Thank you very much!!!

We were there on the 1st, stayed in bldg 5 and had a short walk to skyliner. The line looks bad but it moves quickly. The longest wait is at the transfer station but even there it’s about 10 minutes.

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Touring Plan’s has a tool, WDW Chat where they even created a spreadsheet of the latest info on start ups times for all modes of transport.

Just scroll down to WDW Planning Tools, then WDW Chat, pop in and ask for the latest on the ground intel.